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Have a #soloyolo holiday

The holidays are ringing in, and those special occasions with family and friends are right around the corner, or so you may think. In 2020, “one in nine (11%) Americans [...]

Happiness on sale during the holidays

Given the commercialization of the holiday season, it is easy to imagine big box chain employees across the country cringing in anticipation of the masses. According to a recent article [...]

How to have a tobacco-free holiday

Stressful situations, socializing, and mealtime rituals are three of the most common triggers for tobacco use. And during the holidays, it may seem as if they are ALL at every [...]

A Meaningful and Mindful Holiday

The holiday spirit doesn’t live in our Amazon cart, nor does it live in the endless holiday deals or the frantic cleaning we do before guests arrive at the holiday [...]

Trust is intimacy

“He never listens to me,” “She doesn’t understand me,” “I want to feel connected.” These are common statements I encounter in my work with couples. They may not know the name [...]