Mental Health.

  • street sign that says less stress

How to be a less stressed you

We all have stress. It’s just part of being human. And some stress can be good for us. It’s our body’s natural way of protecting us from danger and it [...]

  • Self-Care for Introverts, SentryHealth

Self appreciation for introverts

These days, more and more people are acknowledging the importance of self appreciation and making it a part of their daily routines. And while there are countless ways to do [...]

  • Emotional Health Program for Employees, Sentry Health

Emotional health program for employees

According to the CDC, emotional health issues in the workforce are more common than most employers realize. And most don't offer an emotional health program to help employees. In a given [...]

  • Behavioral Health Issues Left Untreated: What's the Cost to Employers?, SentryHealth

The cost of untreated behavioral health issues

The news has been shocking lately.  Suicide rates in nearly all 50 states have increased substantially over the past two decades - by as much as 30%.  Depression is the underlying cause (taken to the extreme), [...]