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Healthy Eating

‘Tis the season for leftovers

While some cook lavish five course meals that could feed an army, or host a potluck where guests bring their favorite dish with them, others keep it light with finger [...]

Bring your diet out of hibernation

As we burst out of winter life by cleaning and airing out our homes and spending more time outside, there is also potential to burst out of our winter ways of eating. Discover tips on taking a fresh start with your diet.

It’s GO time! Try the traffic light diet

The Traffic Light Diet (sometimes called the Stop Light Diet) was developed by Leonard H. Epstein and colleagues for use in their family-based childhood overweight research. This group of scholars [...]

Healthy BBQ ideas for summer

This dietitian recommends prioritizing your indulgences: choose 1 or 2 “treat yourself” foods and combine them with some healthier options listed below. Enjoy a happy and healthy summer!