Louisville, KY (June 16, 2021) – SentryHealth, a leader in employee health management, has expanded its predictive analytics capabilities within its integrated health and wellbeing solution, WellOnMyWay.

Predictive statistical models have been created for 22 chronic conditions to easily identify at-risk employees. Data from health risk assessments, lifestyle assessments, and financial assessments are combined with demographic, biometric, and historical medical/pharmacy claims data to build an Intelligent Profile for every WellonMyWay member to identify risks and needs. These profiles initiate proactive measures to engage members at risk for developing a chronic condition with resources, tools, programs, and face-to-face care to prevent condition development. They are also used to engage members who have already been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

“To personalize an employee’s journey, it’s important to understand who they are and where they are on their path to better health and wellbeing,” said Matt Doctrow, Senior Vice President of Analytics for SentryHealth. “Driven by our analytics engine, we provide an individually-focused experience that drives higher engagement, better outcomes, and greater satisfaction.”

WellOnMyWay’s advanced analytic techniques deliver guided decision-making that results in better outcomes more quickly. For example, when an employee is identified as medium or high-risk for a chronic condition, WellOnMyWay delivers educational information for the condition to the employee and/or a clinical team is prompted to develop a plan to mitigate risk and improve health. The health coach regularly engages with the employee, performing high-touch outreach, ongoing guidance and clinical support, as well as care management as needed.

Through comprehensive historical, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics, clients can easily pinpoint trends, detect potential cost savings, and monitor program performance. As a result, they are empowered to make more informed health care decisions that will have a real impact on their business.

Further uses of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence continue to be explored by SentryHealth to gain a competitive advantage, improve employee health, and achieve cost savings for clients.

About SentryHealth

SentryHealth drives better health nationwide through WellOnMyWay, a full-service approach to health and wellbeing management. WellOnMyWay unites advanced analytics, interactive technology, evidence-based programs, and proactive employee outreach to deliver a personalized, highly engaging employee experience. As a result, employers experience higher participation and satisfaction as well better control over health care costs and higher productivity. Learn more by visiting www.sentryhealth.com.