Curbing rising
healthcare costs with care navigation.

Technical Materials Manufacturer

Employing more than 600 people across the southeast, this company engineers highly technical materials supporting the industries of aerospace, medical, industrial, protective apparel, the military, and more.

When it was seeking a way to control skyrocketing healthcare costs, it turned to SentryHealth for help.

The challenge.

Like many other employers across the country, the company experienced rising health costs year after year. Much of these expenses came from high medical and prescription drug spending. In response, the company looked for ways to take back control.

The solution.

The employer recognized that navigating the healthcare system was complicated and often led to unnecessary, high-cost treatment. They were looking for a strategic partner to help them achieve their goals of driving smarter, more economical choices. That’s when the HR team called on the experts at SentryHealth.

“We have used SentryHealth to guide our employees to make smart, cost-effective healthcare choices,” remarked the Director of Human Resources. “We are all experiencing the trends of high medical and prescription spend. Continuing to pass on significant premium increases only upsets our workforce. If you take the time to educate and provide them with the tools to fight back, you’ll hopefully see a decrease in your medical spend and a rise in confidence among your employees.”

The result.

Through its partnership with SentryHealth, the company has seen widespread program use resulting in significant cost savings. With direct access to Registered Nurse Advocates through this “one-stop shop” for care navigation, medical advocacy, and prescription savings, employees get the information and guidance they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their family members.

The SentryHealth difference.

SentryHealth is leading the charge in employee health and wellbeing. Integrating smart technology with personalized guidance and support, we empower employees to make more informed decisions while connecting them to quality, affordable care. The result is greater engagement, higher satisfaction, better outcomes, and lower costs.