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Virtual Care Services
formerly Wellview

Wellview Rebrand Memo

A pre-written memo that you can use to announce Wellview rebranding as SentryHealth.

Virtual Care Services Overview

A complete overview of the services available to you and your team at no cost.

Telemedicine Services Overview

Info and resources about telemedicine services.

Intro to Virtual Care Email

A pre-written email that you can use to announce virtual care services to your team.

Repeat Year Virtual Care Email

A pre-written email that you can use to announce that virtual care services will continue.

Virtual Care Summary of Benefits Info

Include this content in your Summary of Benefits to promote virtual care services.

Mobile App Flyer

A quick introduction to the mobile app.

General Health & Wellbeing


Health and wellbeing articles created by our care team.


Posters to keep health and wellbeing top of mind.

Leadership Guide

A guide for establishing and leading effective health and wellbeing initiatives within your workplace.

Employee Enrichment Guide

A complete guide to work through everything from burnout and self-care to communication and conflict resolution.

Family Health Toolkit

Share these resources to encourage and support family engagement.

Checkup Events

Checkup Event Overview

A complete overview of how a checkup event works.

HIPAA Notice

Overview of your responsibility under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Checkup Event Email

A pre-written email that you can use to announce an onsite biometric event.

Checkup Event Video

Quick video that covers what to expect at an event.

Checkup Event Flyer

A quick overview on what participants can expect and how to sign up.

Checkup Event FAQ

A complete list of commonly asked questions.

Checkup Event Promo Poster

Hang this poster around your workplace to promote your event. This is an editable PDF file. Simply enter your date and time, and you’re ready to print.

Brand Resources

Brand Guide

Details about logo usage and color palette.


Package of logos for use in your marketing materials.

Whitelist Request

Share with your IT team so your team can receive emails from SentryHealth.

*High deductible health plan members may incur fees for SentryHealth telemedicine services, as required by federal law.

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