The holidays are coming and there is so much to do. One might think when there is a holiday, you get plenty of days off and have a chance to relax and practice self-care. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not only do you have end-of-year projects to complete for work, but it’s common to have extra commitments with family and friends this time of year. Additionally, research points out that feelings of depression and anxiety that may be spurred by reminders of loss, relationship strain, or simply the bonus stress of the holidays can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. And if you’re a giver, you may feel overwhelmed with what to buy loved ones or the lack of time to go shopping. That adds a lot of stress! And that can lead to burnout before you know it.

Burnout can look and feel different for everyone. It can be that:

  • You have trouble falling asleep
  • Your relationships are suffering
  • You are getting sick a lot
  • You feel exhausted all the time
  • You are