We’ve all seen the articles predicting an “employee turnover tsunami” as the pandemic ends. But this doesn’t mean that organizations are predestined for this situation. As organizations focus on the future, it’s important to think about their employees and employment brand.

Organizations should ask themselves, “What do we want to be known for when it comes to the employee experience?”

The answer to that question will be the driver for how organizations hire, engage, and retain the best talent. Which in turn helps them to achieve their goals. One way to look at creating and maintaining an employment brand is to think of it in terms of the employee value proposition (EVP). The EVP represents all of those things that employees receive by working at your organization. It includes all of the things you would expect:

Rewards: Let’s start with the obvious. The EVP includes employee compensation, benefits, and perks. It also includes how organizations choose to give out compensation, benefits, and perks in terms of employee rewards and recognition programs.

Learning: This is about employee performance. Employees want to know that they will receive training for the jobs they have and development for future opportunities. They want to know that their goals are challenging but attainable. And they want to know their performance will be evaluated fairly.

Wellbeing: While employees aren’t afraid of hard work, they do want to have a life. They want to know that they can take off work when they need to, and their job isn’t at risk when they do. Employees want to know that they work for a company that realizes employee wellness helps individuals do their best work.

Organization: Employees want to work for organizations that they’re proud of. They want to know that the organization hires and promotes quality managers and leaders. Employees want to work at companies that realize giving back to the community is good for everyone.

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