Achieve long-lasting change no matter the journey.

Offer an effective, proactive approach to better health.

Better health and wellbeing is within reach.

The path to good health doesn’t start and stop in a doctor’s office. And with a national healthcare provider shortage, sometimes even finding the right provider – that is covered by a health plan, conveniently located, and accepting new patients – is impossible.

Our virtual care team solves all of that. With easy access to behaviorally trained health experts, you can empower members to make healthy living part of daily life.


Employers have seen up to a 13% reduction in claims cost for engaged populations.

High Cost

Employers see a 6% decrease in inpatient and a 13% decrease in outpatient visits.


More than 1/3 of members at risk for prediabetes/diabetes lowered A1c by 1 point or more.


70% of members utilizing services lost an average of 13 pounds.


Nearly 96% of active members report a high sense of purpose and life satisfaction.

Happy family preparing healthy food in kitchen together

High-quality care beyond a doctor’s office.

We simplify the way people access and engage with healthcare services by inspiring, empowering, and impacting lives.

We take a proactive, “wrap-around” approach to care, encompassing physical, emotional, mental, and financial health support.

By addressing matters beyond a doctor’s visit, and before they become larger, more costly problems, employers and employees experience better health outcomes and greater cost savings.

Our behaviorally-trained health experts help members take better care of themselves and, as a result, helps employers drive down costs.

Virtual Care Services

Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coaching

We motivate members to set and achieve goals to improve overall health. Through a high-touch care team, we teach them how to set and achieve specific goals for success.

  • Our care team is trained and certified in coaching psychology for sustainable behavior change.

  • Coaches are certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

  • Comprehensive support is offered for nutrition, physical activity, stress management, tobacco cessation, work-life balance, sleep, financial wellbeing, and more.

Chronic Condition Support

We help members gain a better understanding of how to best manage their condition(s) or minimize the risk of developing one.

  • We support members across one or more chronic conditions using evidence-based protocols and pathways for maximum clinical outcomes.

  • Our multi-disciplinary team uses proprietary profiling for readiness to change, barriers, and life satisfaction to drive optimal engagement.

  • We identify and address gaps in care, referring to internal or external resources when needed.

Mental Health

Members receive confidential support, counseling, and resources from licensed therapists (LCSW, LPC, LMFT, PhD) for every stage of life.

  • We support individuals, couples, and families in building healthy relationships, managing depression, handling stress, and much more.

  • Members can receive stand-alone therapy or it can be fully integrated with coaching and disease management.

  • We offer flexible appointment times to meet members’ needs.

I can finally say I am engaged with my life today and so grateful for all that I have. I know not just the importance of self-care but how to live a healthy lifestyle.

– Holly C., Member