Give employees easy access to quality guidance and support.

Engage employees in their overall health online or though a mobile app.

Anytime, anywhere access.

According to a study on the use of personal devices, Americans using mobile phones for health information grew from 61 million to 75 million in just one year.

Your employees don’t want to search in different places for information on their health benefits. They also don’t want to filter through a ton of information to get what they need.

It should be in one place, easily accessible from anywhere, and it should be the information they need, when they need it most.

Customized design that fits your needs.

Our digital health center engages members in their overall health while helping you effectively manage your benefits.

The digital health center allows members to conveniently view and access SentryHealth benefits on multiple platforms including a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Direct access to trusted
resources and help.

Members can identify health risks and easily connect with our care team for expert guidance and support.

Individual & dynamic interaction.

The digital health center is dynamic. Each employee’s view is unique, displaying the information most relevant to their health needs and their care plan. As their needs change, so does their view.

This enables them to be laser-focused on what matters most to them, so they’re able to quickly access what they need, when they need it.

And they’ll love that it’s designed with them in mind.

Dynamic digital health center, SentryHealth

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my Health Advisor. She has been a light in my journey. Thank you for what you are bringing to others.

– Morgan K., Member