Drive greater understanding through meaningful data.

We turn analytics into action.

Decision-making made easier.

Having meaningful data analytics is crucial to a successful employee health strategy.

At the core of our approach to care navigation is an advanced analytics engine that uses machine learning and AI for more informed decisions and action.

First, we leverage employer, employee, and physician intelligence to proactively drive members to the right care at the right time.

Second, you’ll gain powerful insight into your population’s health to make more informed business decisions.

Ultimately, we translate data into actions that produce real results like lower costs, better efficiencies, and better overall outcomes.

We get to know our members.

Through predictive and prescriptive analysis, we identify at-risk members and offer interventions that make the biggest difference.

For example, we’ll look to identify who has or is at-risk for a chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure. Then, we place them into risk categories from low to high.

Using AI, we guide each member toward a resource, service, or program that will be most beneficial to them. Low-risk members may be put into an email campaign while high-risk members could be contacted by a Nurse Advocate.

Our analytics engine also drives action through the identification of prescription cost savings, including generic availability, rebate programs, and lower-cost fulfillment options for specialty medications.

We know providers too.

Provider analytics is also a key component of our success. Not affiliated with any health insurance carrier or healthcare provider, our expansive quality and cost database offers unbiased insight into who will drive the best outcomes for greater value.

We analyze data from nearly seven billion medical claims, nearly 10,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities, more than 11,600 surgery centers, and more than 2 million physicians.

Pairing this intelligence with the expertise of our Nurse Advocates, we ensure that our members are guided toward the very best healthcare possible. Our standards are so stringent that fewer than 20% of providers meet our quality and cost criteria.

SentryHealth Data Analytics

The data you need.

With our data analytics and reporting, you can easily pinpoint trends, detect potential cost savings, and monitor program performance.

In addition to comprehensive historical, predictive, and prescriptive data analysis, you’ll get data insights designed to further refine your employee health and wellbeing strategy for greater success. Reporting and guidance covers:

  • Employee engagement levels

  • Prevalence of high-cost and chronic conditions
  • High-cost medication usage
  • High-cost hospitalizations and ER Visits
  • Population health risk levels
  • Program and service utilization

SentryHealth has been a wonderful vendor for my client. They are responsive and collaborative, and they manage the client/broker/vendor relationship well.

– Taylor S., Account Executive