Saving lives through rapid clinical response.


Sometimes, our Nurse Advocates get calls from members in distress. When that happens, they are able to use their clinical experience to assess the situation and make life-saving decisions quickly.

Carmen was home alone when she experienced an emergency situation. Unsure of what to do, she reached out to us. Her Nurse Advocate jumped into action, potentially saving her life.

The problem.

Carmen called us in severe respiratory distress. She was also experiencing abdominal pains and diarrhea. Unsure if she needed to call an ambulance, she called her Nurse Advocate for guidance.

The solution.

In the first few minutes of the phone call with Carmen, her Nurse Advocate assessed the severity of the situation and instructed another Nurse Advocate to call 911 immediately. While on the phone, Carmen’s mother arrived at her home. The Nurse Advocate was able to instruct her on how to better position Carmen to improve lung capacity. Carmen’s breathing improved, giving her more time for EMS to arrive.

Carmen was quickly taken to the ER by ambulance, where it was determined she had pneumonia and very high blood sugar.

The result.

Carmen was admitted to the hospital and received the care she needed to get better.  The Nurse Advocate enlisted the help of one of our RN Case Managers to closely follow her throughout her hospitalization and to facilitate her care post-discharge.

Following a few days of treatment, Carmen was released from the hospital. Her health has improved and she credits the team at SentryHealth for saving her life.

The SentryHealth difference.

SentryHealth is leading the charge in employee health and wellbeing. Integrating smart technology with personalized guidance and support, we empower employees to make more informed decisions while connecting them to quality, affordable care. The result is greater engagement, higher satisfaction, better outcomes, and lower costs.