Chronic Condition Management Success Story, SentryHealth

In 2011, a well-known baseball equipment manufacturer began looking into ways to mitigate rising healthcare costs while promoting better employee health through better chronic condition control. “Like everyone, we’re trying to manage health care costs,” said the Director of Human Resources. “We’re self-insured and any money saved on claims is money saved for the company and our employees.”

As a result, they took a holistic approach to health. They knew that by providing greater access to health care and eliminating waste, they’d realize cost savings through lower overall health care costs, solid productivity, and an overall happier, healthier workforce. Here, the company shares how the SentryHealth program worked.

In terms of saving lives or money, how has the SentryHealth chronic condition program helped?

In terms of diabetes, we will buy the supplies for you, which encourages you to use them. The alternative might be, “I can’t afford that $200 and I’m not going to take the drugs,” so they go into a diabetic coma. That is costly ($25,000 or $30,000), but again, we may be avoiding critical events and saving people’s lives. That’s most important to us.

How do you identify who might benefit from SentryHealth’s programs and how do you encourage participation?

SentryHealth might look and see what an employee’s prescription use was, and if he or she is being treated for COPD, it’ll send a letter out saying, “Check out these programs that are available.” There are a lot of personal touches. Whether it’s a phone call, letter, or email, the more touches you have, the more participation.

What is a chronic condition that SentryHealth helps your staff with?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) was the really big one initially. SentryHealth sends out quarterly summary reports about the number of people who have high blood pressure and how they’re doing. Most of it now is being well managed through medication.

Any lessons learned about incentives or rewards for participation in a program?

We learned that some things work and some don’t, so we tweaked the benefits along the way. We used to supply Chantix, nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum for tobacco cessation. We found people would come in and get it because it’s free, but we’d see them smoke. We ended up spending crazy amounts of money. So we stopped supplying that. They can still get the tobacco cessation products through their local pharmacy, however, we don’t provide them any longer.

What words of advice would you give to a company considering SentryHealth’s program?

It’s too easy as a company to set expectations too high. We went into it thinking employees would jump on board and think it was great, but it took a little bit of time. Don’t expect that you’ll have 100% participation from the start.

SentryHealth: The Future of Workplace Health

At SentryHealth, we’re redefining workplace health. Our programs meet the unique needs of our employers and their employees. Through a unique fusion of advanced analytics, high-touch outreach and education, and wellness programs supported by personalized coaching, we drive meaningful clinical and financial. Our approach is unique and effective.

  • We use advanced analytics, a NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment, and a financial assessment to build an intelligent employee profile to understand risk and needs.
  • With our HITRUST CSF Certified digital health center, employees access programs and services, participate in challenges, review activity and rewards, view benefits, and contact their personal health  coaches.
  • We offer physical health programs designed to address the primary physical and chronic conditions behind the majority of health care expenses, supported by personalized guidance.
  • Behavioral and mental health programs that empower employees to take control of their emotional health.
  • Financial advice and guidance to help alleviate stress and improve overall job satisfaction.
  • Health and fitness challenges and tools that get employees moving in a fun, new way.
  • Proven employee engagement and incentive management services that drive higher utilization and satisfaction.

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