Chronic Care Management: A Case Study, Sentry Health

At SentryHealth, we provide chronic care management programs as part of an exciting, innovative movement in health management. Let’s take a look at how one company found clinical and financial success with us.

Since 1900, a Kentucky municipal utility company has delivered services to more than 26,000 customers. The company is made up of local citizens that take pride in serving their community by providing reliable, quality, affordable services to their family, friends, and neighbors.

In order to attract and retain the very best employees, they offer excellent health care benefits. And as with many health plans, they found that many employees were living with chronic medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Recognizing that when compared to peers, these conditions can drastically impact quality of life and lead to catastrophic events and even early death, they sought a solution to better educate, support, and guide employees to achieve better self-care and condition management.

Preparing for Change

At the start, we performed a thorough and rigorous analysis of the employees’ health care claims. We started by identifying plan members who had been diagnosed with chronic, preventable medical conditions. While this cluster constituted only 20-30% of plan members, they consumed 70-85% of the municipalities health care dollars. Our study also revealed that these employees had the poorest compliance with their physicians’ health recommendations and often ignored their employer-sponsored wellness program.

Through collaboration with the company, we create detailed, customized chronic care management plan. The plan included one-on-one coaching with trained health coaches as well as a comprehensive online education designed to empower participants to take better control of their health and improve overall quality of life. The interactive learning, action planning, problem solving, guided decision making, and one-on-one support further reinforced recommendations made by each participant’s primary care provider.

Outcome: Clinical & Financial Success

To date, our chronic care management programs demonstrated significant, favorable effects on employee health, as well as improvement in sense of well-being and happiness. Following implementation, program participation quickly grew to more than 50% (in contrast to 5% of employees in similar programs previously).

When the programs were rolled out, participating members:

  • Received a discount on their health insurance premiums.
  • Had no out-of-pocket expenses for their personal coaching sessions.
  • Received gift card incentives for early registration.

Within 18 months, some of the most significant findings included:

  • 90% of employees with previously diagnosed hypertension had blood pressures within the desirable range.
  • The number of claims filed decreased 26%.
  • The return on the company’s investment in SentryHealth was 148%.
  • Participant satisfaction reached 95%.

SentryHealth: The Future of Workplace Wellness

At SentryHealth, we’re redefining workplace wellness. Our programs are custom designed to meet the unique needs of our employers and their employees. Through a combination of advanced analytics, high touch outreach and education, and meaningful wellness programs supported by personalized coaching, we drive meaningful results for both employers and their employees. Our approach is unique and effective, ensuring positive patient outcomes.

We combine advanced analytics, a NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment, and a financial assessment to build a complete employee profile to truly understand risk and needs.