The days are longer, flowers are springing from the ground, and winter clothes are being stored away. It’s official. Spring is right around the corner! As we burst out of winter life by spending more time outside, there is also potential to burst out of our winter ways of eating. Read below for five ways for taking a fresh start with your diet.

Go seasonal.

The great part about season overlap in March and April is that we can still find winter produce while celebrating new seasonal produce coming in. Spring fruits and vegetables typically include broccoli, asparagus, radishes, mushrooms, and rhubarb. And if we’re lucky, apricots and strawberries.

Go through your pantry and fridge and pull out comfort foods.

This includes heavier pasta like ziti or lasagna noodles, canned soup or beans, and maybe a favorite cornbread mix or heavier cheese. Do your best to use them up before the weather warms up. These comfort foods are almost necessary to keep our dopamine levels up during the cold, dark winter, but won’t match the lightness and brightness of springtime recipes. Enjoy these last few meals!

Replace comfort foods in your diet with lighter options moving forward, such as dry quinoa to serve as a base for a meal chocked full of in-season vegetables. Angel hair pasta with a lighter sauce like one with olive oil and lemon juice is a good option. Also, try lentils or frozen peas mixed into a salad. And a block of parmesan cheese to lightly grate over any of these dishes will add even more flavor (pro tip: save the rind and use it as a salty, savory flavor enhancer in a homemade soup).

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