Do you hear that voice inside that criticizes you day-in, day-out?

That is your inner critic. A voice that only you hear, offering criticisms of self that are not always constructive. In fact, the voice is often destructive.

The thing about your inner critic is that it does not go away. It is simply a part of being human. Some are better than others at coping with this little, but sometimes big, critic. When the voice gets bigger it can increase stress, worry, and doubt—it can even contribute to ongoing anxiety and depression. The good news about this voice is that you can choose to utilize it to your advantage.

Here are some tips on how to tame your inner critic in three easy steps.

1. Name your inner critic.

That’s right…give your inner critic a name like you would your child or pet. You may call yours Fanny, George, Asiata, Fred—whatever you’d like. Naming it allows you to better identify its presence, not to separate it from you, rather to notice when and how it shows up.

For example:

  • Does your inner critic voice itself while you are about to fall asleep or right before a big meeting at work?
  • Does it normally doubt your ability to parent? Communicate? Provide?
  • Does it make your heart race or lead to panic attacks?

2. Listen to [insert inner critic name].

Naming your inner critic can make feelings that are normally heavy feel just a little lighter, with a twist of humor. Your inner critic can help you better understand and serve yourself as well, if you simply listen.

3. Embrace your inner critic.

Our inner critic is not a separate entity. It is a part of you. Denying it or pushing it deep down so that you never have to deal with it is only denying yourself acceptance and love. Conversely, embracing it with a warm hug, as if it is a best friend you have not seen in ages, is like securing yourself a “pass go” in monopoly, right into more positive self talk and affirmations.

Always remember, you are a student and using this beneficial tool takes practice.

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