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  • african american nurse talking on the phone to provide medical advocacy

Saving Lives With Medical Advocacy


As a healthy 48-year-old woman with a loving husband, healthy kids, and a job she adored, Jane felt blessed. Until April 17, 2021 when her world changed forever. The Problem Jane woke up feeling dizzy, nauseous, and had slurred speech. Her husband took her to the Emergency Room where she received [...]

Saving Lives With Medical Advocacy2022-01-19T22:01:41+00:00
  • woman leaning back smiling in the sun as a result of case manager success

Getting the Right Medical Care with Case Manager Guidance


Dianne, a 59-year-old female member started experiencing headaches and blurred vision. The signs and symptoms pointed to a potential brain tumor, a very scary and complex medical issue. In addition, she had a history of heart-related issues further complicating her situation. The Problem Dianne had a history of heart-related issues, including [...]

Getting the Right Medical Care with Case Manager Guidance2022-01-19T22:02:25+00:00
  • man in cap recovering from injuries using case management

Overcoming Trauma Through Case Management


On his way to work, a 49-year-old man, Robert, was struck head-on by a drunk driver, causing extensive physical and emotional trauma. The Problem Prior to the accident, Robert didn’t have any health concerns. As a result of the accident, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury, a jawbone fracture, a [...]

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  • man with a prosthetic leg who was helped by a nurse advocate

Preventing Excessive Costs With a Nurse Advocate


Marcus was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease with a blood clot. An angiogram was conducted three times but unfortunately, it didn’t resolve the issue and he had to have his leg amputated above the knee. The Problem Amputations have a high rate of complications like muscle [...]

Preventing Excessive Costs With a Nurse Advocate2022-01-19T22:03:36+00:00
  • street sign that says less stress

How to Be A Less Stressed You


We all have stress. It’s just part of being human. And some stress can be good for us. It’s our body’s natural way of protecting us from danger and it helps us to respond to challenges. Over time, however, chronic, unmanaged stress can create problems with your emotional and physical health, leading to [...]

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  • three signs representing health insurance plan options

Health Insurance Plan Funding: What Are the Options?


When it comes to funding a health insurance plan, an employer generally has a choice of three options: a self-insured plan, a level-funded plan, or a fully-insured plan. Let’s look at each funding option and what it means to employers and their employees. Self-Funded Health Insurance Plan Also known as an ASO (Administrative [...]

Health Insurance Plan Funding: What Are the Options?2022-01-19T22:04:41+00:00
  • man saving coins in jars as a result of financial health programs

What Are the Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Financial Health Programs?


Employees need reliable financial professionals and money tools now more than ever before. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging financial environment and exacerbated existing longstanding financial troubles. Carefully calculated, sound financial decisions contribute to a less stressful lifestyle and decreased anxiety. As a result, they create a more stable and [...]

What Are the Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Financial Health Programs?2022-01-19T22:05:37+00:00
  • woman typing on laptop searching for price transparency health care

Price Transparency in Health Care: The Final Rule Explained


The “Transparency in Coverage” rule was finalized in November 2020. While the requirements take effect in January 2022, in August, the Biden Administration announced it would delay enforcement, as noted below. The rule intends to improve price transparency in health care by requiring that employer-sponsored plans provide enrollees with cost-sharing information, including estimates [...]

Price Transparency in Health Care: The Final Rule Explained2022-01-19T22:06:10+00:00
  • husband and wife shockingly looking at surprise billing costs for medical expenses

Surprise Billing Rules: What Self-Insured Employers Should Know


On December 27, 2020, the No Surprises Act was signed into law as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. In July 2021, “Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part I” was released, with “Requirements Related to Surprise Billing: Part II” following in October 2021. The law will go into effect in January [...]

Surprise Billing Rules: What Self-Insured Employers Should Know2022-01-19T22:06:21+00:00
  • woman holding up employee benefits packages guide

Ensuring Health Benefits Packages Work Today & Beyond


Did you know that more than half of employees say they're more likely to stay with their employers because of their health benefits packages? In addition, 92% of employees feel that benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction. Preparing health benefits packages that are competitive, thoughtful, and affordable can be difficult. You've [...]

Ensuring Health Benefits Packages Work Today & Beyond2022-01-19T22:06:33+00:00
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