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  • woman textile manufacturing

Curbing Rising Healthcare Costs


Employing more than 600 people across the southeast, Precision Fabrics Group (PFG) engineers highly technical materials supporting the industries of aerospace, medical, industrial, protective apparel, the [...]

Curbing Rising Healthcare Costs2022-09-28T18:55:22+00:00
  • registered nurse health advocates standing together

Healthcare Advocates: Why Clinical Experience Matters


Care navigation is becoming more recognized as an effective cost containment solution for employers. However, understanding the differences between vendors is important. The term "healthcare advocate" can mean [...]

Healthcare Advocates: Why Clinical Experience Matters2022-08-15T19:51:56+00:00

SentryHealth Merger with Wellview – Here’s What’s Next


LOUISVILLE, KY (March 14, 2022) SentryHealth CEO J. Kevin Porter was recently interviewed by Louisville Business First, where he discussed the SentryHealth merger with health-tech company Wellview Health. SentryHealth Merging [...]

SentryHealth Merger with Wellview – Here’s What’s Next2022-05-26T18:40:26+00:00
  • Happy SentryHealth and Wellview Health employees

SentryHealth and Wellview Join Forces


Louisville, KY (March 8, 2022) - SentryHealth, a leader in integrated health management, and Wellview, a digital population health platform, today announced the merger of the two companies. This [...]

SentryHealth and Wellview Join Forces2022-05-26T18:40:48+00:00
  • african american nurse talking on the phone to provide medical advocacy

Saving Lives With Medical Advocacy


As a healthy 48-year-old woman with a loving husband, healthy kids, and a job she adored, Jana felt blessed. Until April 17, 2021 when her world [...]

Saving Lives With Medical Advocacy2022-09-21T18:22:39+00:00
  • street sign that says less stress

How to Be A Less Stressed You


We all have stress. It’s just part of being human. And some stress can be good for us. It’s our body’s natural way of protecting us from danger [...]

How to Be A Less Stressed You2022-06-14T18:19:11+00:00
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