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About SentryHealth, Integrated Health Management, Better health and costs savings, SentryHealth
Group of successful multiethnic business team
About SentryHealth, Integrated Health Management, Better health and costs savings, SentryHealth
How it began.

Recognizing how chronic disease significantly impacts the quality of life and drives 75% of medical costs, our company founders developed the basis for intentional healthcare programs targeted at prevention and management in 2008 at the University of Louisville. When these programs showed significant impact, in 2011, they expanded their mission to form SentryHealth.

About SentryHealth, Integrated Health Management, Our Approach, SentryHealth

Where we are now.

Today, we’re leading the charge in employee health and wellbeing management.

With our care navigation solution that combines advanced data and behavioral science to deliver personalized guidance across virtual and in-person care, our members are connected to the highest quality, most affordable care.

As a result, they better engage in their own decision-making, which improves outcomes and delivers significant cost savings for them and their employer.

Where we’re going.

Healthcare in the United State is complicated and costly. So we’re on a mission to fix it.

We help people make smarter decisions about their health and steer them in the right direction to get the best care and save money.

Improve access to high quality healthcare.
Reduce costs for employers and employees.

Meet the team.

Our executive team works hard for our clients and members, always keeping our core mission of improving healthcare quality while lowering costs for employers and their employees in mind.

J. Kevin Porter

Chief Executive Officer

Steven G. Sablan

Chief Operating Officer

Cole Barfield, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Amanda Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

Lissette Underwood, RN, BSN

Vice President, Care Advocacy


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