The holiday spirit doesn’t live in our Amazon cart, nor does it live in the endless holiday deals or the frantic cleaning we do before guests arrive at the holiday event we are hosting. Though it may sound like magic, the reality is that the holiday spirit lives in the warmth, joy, and laughter we experience during this time of year. It is about spending time with loved ones and enhancing our lives in every possible moment. We at Wellview completely understand the stressors of the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean we have to let the stress take over and forget the holiday spirit altogether. That is why our providers came together to share some personal and expert tips to help you and your loved ones cultivate a meaningful and mindful holiday this year.

Just move
“Exercise is key to my mind and body. Even if I’m short on time, I’ll squeeze in a 20-30 minute walk outside or a flow yoga practice. This way I get my blood pumping and increase my happy hormones, which helps me stay sane this busy time of year. Plus, I get some much needed fresh air, rain or shine.”

– Ann Strader, Health Advisor 


Keep it simple
“During the holidays, I like to keep food in its place as something to be shared and enjoyed with loved ones, not stressed over. I still create a balanced plate with all the food groups but keep the focus on the reason for the season and the time with family and friends.”

– Holly Pudwill, Registered Dietitian

Sit in gratitude
“During the holidays I intentionally carve out a few moments in the quiet of the early morning or later evening each day to sit by the warm lights of the Christmas tree. This time forces me to reflect on all the goodness of the past year, tune into gratefulness of the blessings of life and celebrate the many gifts given by those dear to my heart: gifts of time; generosity; love; presence and so much more.”

– Marjorie Jarrett, Registered Dietitian

Have fun
“A meaningful holiday season for me includes streaming the 1998 N’Sync Home for Christmas album on repeat as well as attending Handel’s Messiah with the Nashville Symphony.  It’s all about the music! “

– Sherree Telford, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

Give the gift of giving
“Over the last few years I’ve served on the board of a non-profit called the Human Collective Foundation, which allows me to give back in more ways than one. So, whether you volunteer time at a food bank or animal shelter, give someone in need a warm coat, or shovel snow off your neighbor’s driveway, this gift is sent with love. We may never fully know the impact of our giving, but we do know that changing just one life can change the world forever. Extend the reach of your holiday spirit this year and see just how magical it can make you feel.”

– Courtney Rusomaroff, Health Advisor and Physical Therapist


Just breathe
“When I become stressed with all of the ‘to-dos’ of cooking, cleaning and preparing, I take a moment to do some box breaths. All you’ve got to do is breathe in deeply for a count of four, hold for a count of seven, and exhale for a count of eight. Repeat three times to help reset your nervous system, whilst embracing the calm of the present moment.”

– Andrew Jacobs, Personal Trainer and Health Advisor


Let it go
“This time of year I find it helpful to remind myself of the very advice I offer my clients: the best way to have a meaningful and mindful holiday is to let go of the standards and expectations we set for ourselves and others. Allowing ourselves to accept things as they are, instead of worrying about how things “should” be, can give us the freedom to enjoy things without trying to control or change them.”

– Eva Moran, Mental Health Specialist


Remember what you started
“It is easy to lose sight of my goals when life gets busy, and the holidays are no exception. So as soon as I wake up I take three deep intentional breaths, and ask myself “What will I do today that will help me get closer to my goals?” This helps me adapt to the day-to-day, without sacrificing the personal growth and self care that is vital to my wellbeing.”

– Casey Edmonds, Health Advisor and Personal Trainer

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