Better care.
Better results.

Elevate employee health and achieve real results with a fresh approach to care.

Better care.
Better results.

Elevate employee health and achieve real results with a fresh approach to care.

Solutions for every business need.


Nurse Advocates guide members to the right healthcare providers at the right time.


Members get support beyond a doctor’s office with an expansive virtual care team.

Reference Based

Take back control of rising costs with a payment model proven to deliver.

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Take back control.

Let’s face it. Getting good, affordable healthcare isn’t easy.

You can get better information about your rideshare driver than you can about your doctor. You practically need a medical degree to understand what they’re telling you. And don’t even get us started on costs!

All of this makes it nearly impossible for the average person to make the best decisions for their health. Employers are feeling the pinch too. With rising costs and layers of complexity, it often feels impossible to control.

But high-value care isn’t out of reach. People just need help finding it.

We take the guesswork out of healthcare by going beyond provider search tools and basic chatbots to make sure members get the care they need at the best price possible.

A fresh new approach to care navigation.

By blending advanced data science, intelligent technology, and a highly experienced clinical team, we build personalized care plans that match members to the highest quality, lowest cost care. It’s really that simple.

Flexible Configuration

Easy to roll out + no network/vendor replacement required. We make the most of your existing health benefits and fill in gaps when needed.


With a connected, digital plus human experience, members can get the guidance and support they need when they need it, right at their fingertips.


Our care team has the knowledge and data needed to make a big impact on quality, cost, and outcomes right from the start.

Combining personalized outreach with an integrated health management approach drives higher employee engagement, SentryHealth

Power of

We don’t categorize people into predefined clinical cases. We know that every person is unique.

From the very first interaction, we go beyond ordinary guidance to understand motivation, willingness to change, demographics, and social determinants of health like financial status, social support, geography, time, clinical understanding, and much more.

No matter the journey they’re on, we make sure that each member gets personalized assistance from a health expert who has their best interest in mind.

Results that really matter.

So many employers across the country are feeling the pinch of rising medical and prescription drug costs. It feels nearly impossible to control. Care navigation optimizes your existing health benefits, connecting members to high-quality care that everyone can afford.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’ll guarantee it.


We’ve reduced costs by up to 30% per member for many employers within just the first year of service.


Up to 40% of members are steered in a new direction, avoiding unnecessary care and dollars wasted.


Our members consistently report higher levels of life satisfaction, job satisfaction, and overall joy.

We have seen widespread utilization and significant cost savings. SentryHealth always delivers on its promises to our employees and our company.

– David E., Director of HR